MW Root-Weld

Optimised Root Pass Welding

The benefits are that root pass welding for pipes is possible. Welding can be done in both overhead and vertically down positions, welding spatter is minimal, perfect gap bridging is possible along with quality root formation and secure sidewall fusion.

This welding process is very simple to use and doesn’t require advanced MIG welding techniques to get perfect results. Also, when having to manage wider gaps becomes no problem due to the advanced welding arc.

Root concavity is less likely with Root-Weld as it provides a quality root penetration, the weld puddle is oscillating and even with limited access, and the root is convex (positive).

Optimised Root Pass Welding

Thin Sheet

Weld on thin sheet is possible thanks to the minimal heat input, which eliminates the need for time-consuming adjustments in welding wire diameter.

Thin Sheet

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