R-Design Step Voltage MIG Welders

MasterWeld R-Design represents a range of MIG welding machines that offer many improved features to enhance the experience of the MIG welder, while still offering the traditional MIG welding experience that many MIG welders are looking for.

What do many MIG welders still prefer, when seeking the MIG welder of their choice?

Many of the new concepts that have been brought in to MIG welding machines of recent years, although beneficial in many situations often make a MIG welding machine too complicated to use for basic MIG welding applications. As a result many welders have gone back to the tradition step voltage MIG welding machines.

Why do MIG Welders often still prefer Step Voltage MIG Welders?

Many experienced MIG welders will tell you that they still prefer step voltage MIG welders because they offer the welder the flexibility of being able to alter their voltage settings independent of wire feed speed, which is still so much needed for most welding applications. Whereas synergic MIG welders aim to take this control away from the welder, by automatically setting the voltage when the wire feed speed is selected. Step voltage MIG welders also still become the MIG welder of choice, because they are so much more simple to use, there is no initial set up of wire, material and gas that needs to be programmed into the welding machine, it is just voltage and wire feed speed that needs to be selected.

MasterWeld R-design MIG welders offer everything that an experienced MIG welder is looking for

  • Easy of use,
  • Excellent welding characteristic,
  • Large range of voltage settings for multiple MIG welding applications
  • Added features, MIG welding torch holder
  • Varied inductance setting for different materials, i.e. Stainless steel and Aluminium
  • Excellent low spatter MIG welding characteristics due to electronic feedback of the wire
  • Excellent build quality with a 5 year transformer warranty

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