MW Rapid-MIG

MW Rapid-MIG offers the new generation of high deposition synergic MIG welding offering many benefits over tradition spray transfer MIG welding characteristic.

MW Rapid-MIG is far superior than conventional standard MIG welding and has a number of advantages. Welding speed is considerably higher, 35% on average, and with this speed increase, lower heat input is required, also at 35%, producing an improved welding quality and mechanical and metallurgical qualities. Deeper penetration reduces the chance of a failed fusion and deformations and a rise in deposition, kilograms per hour, at 15%. Another beneficiary is the reduction in the expense of production and depreciation.

The process is easy to learn, even for new welders, owing to quick digital process control, very little spatter, and fewer undercuts. Even with a long stick out, the weld is faultless and at high power levels, excellent gap bridging is achievable.

Increased Welding Speed

When high dynamics are added to synergic spray transfer, an intensely concentrated arc is produced, which enhances the fluidity, pression of transfer and wetting of surface, permitting the user to move the MIG gun faster and decrease weld time.

Standard Pulse vs MW-Rapid with Pulse

Increased Deposition Rate

Unlike standard spray transfer, the high dynamics of the MW Rapid-MIG arc allow for higher wire speed while maintaining the existing volume. The weight of deposit in the unit of time, kilograms per hour, grows according to the expansion of wire in the weld pool.

Current Wire-Speed Comparison Graph

Reduced Heat Input

MW Rapid-MIG is particularly well-suited to superior quality welding. Temperatures are lower and the heat affected zone is narrower implying that the mechanical and metallurgical qualities of the welds are significantly improved over standard spray transfer welding.

Heat Input Example

Reduced Heat Input Diagram

Improved Properties

For standard spray transfer, tensile strengths are substantially greater in the pure deposit and heat affected zone. Hardness and tensile strengths in MW Rapid-MIG are consistent with the metal class of the base material, hence heat input has no effect on the welded material.

Deeper Penetration

Due to the wetting of the weld surface, the finished weld is smoother and as demonstrated in the figures above/beside, penetration is significantly higher when welding in MW Rapid-MIG compared to standard spray transfer.

Deeper Penetration

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