MW TIG Multi-Tack

MW TIG Multi-Tack helps you to limit the amount of heat created when joining two-gauge parts. The series of short-interval arc strikes allows the material to cool in the time between hits, reducing distortion. The ability to vary the frequency of arc strikes in a time unit allows the electric arc to be adjusted to the welding speed and join form.

MW TIG Multi-Tack TIG DC Standard Welding

The continual welding current prevents the workpiece from cooling and overheating, resulting in excessive penetration and distortion. Using a pulsed current can reduce the effect of overheating, but not totally; the arc is always lit, giving both power and heat.

MW TIG Multi-Tack Welding

Because of a series of repeating arc hits at brief time intervals, the material might cool during the period between strokes. By adjusting the frequency of arc strikes in the time unit, it may improve both welding penetration and execution speed. Above all, the heat output is regulated, resulting in less distortion of the workpiece.

MW TIG Multi-Tack Butt Weld

MW TIG Multi-Tack Butt Weld

MW TIG Multi-Tack Surfacing

MW TIG Multi-Tack Surfacing

Multi-tack fillet welding is a realistic option that yields positive results. The weld stays white and oxidation-free, eliminating the need for acid treatments, which are often necessary after welding.

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