Warranty of MasterWeld Equipment

Equipment Warranty Information

Registering your new MasterWeld welding machine for extended warranty is a quick and easy way to further protect your investment.

​The MasterWeld unrivalled commitment to after-sales service is based on understanding the importance of maximising productivity and minimising downtime for our customers. For this reason we employ our own dedicated service team and do not use third party service agents.

​When it comes to added value MasterWeld provides an experienced, highly skilled and responsive service team to support your business.

All Warranties on MasterWeld equipment sold through AES Industrial Supplies Ltd within the United Kingdom & Ireland shall be warranted to the original owner, non transferable, against failure due to defective materials or production. The warranty period on MasterWeld Equipment is as follows:

  • 5 Year Transformer Warranty (Step Voltage Machines Only)
  • 2 Years on all Inverter Welders
  • 3 Months on all Welding Torches

The warranty is only effective if you register online within 28 days of purchase. ​ Defective units shall be repaired or replaced by the company at our service facility. The company may opt to refund the purchase price (less any costs and depreciation due to use and wear). The company reserves the right to alter the warranty conditions at any time with effect for the future.

A prerequisite for the full warranty is that products are operated in accordance with the operating instructions supplied, observing the relevant installation and any legal requirements recommendations and guidelines and carrying out the maintenance instructions shown in the operator manual.

This should be carried out by a suitably qualified competent person.

Any warranty repairs may only be carried out by AES Industrial Supplies Ltd otherwise the warranty will be invalidated.

​The customer has no claim to loan or replacement products whilst repairs are being performed.

​In the unlikely event of a problem this should be reported to the technical support team to review the claim.

AES Industrial Supplies Ltd will arrange at its expense to collect the equipment from the end-user, however carriage is charged at cost for return.

The following falls outside the scope of the warranty

  • Defects due to natural wear and tear
  • Failure to observe the operating and maintenance instructions
  • Connection to an incorrect or faulty mains supply
  • Voltage Overload during use
  • Faults that occur as a result of consistent excess of equipment duty cycle
  • Any modifications that are made to the product without the prior written approval of AES Industrial Supplies Ltd
  • Software errors due to incorrect operation
  • Any repairs that are carried out using non-approved or genuine MasterWeld spare parts
  • Any transport or storage damage
  • The warranty period is based on a single shift pattern. Units purchased for rental or hire are subject to separate warranty terms and conditions
  • Direct or indirect damage as well as any loss of earnings are not covered under the warranty
  • External damage such as fire or damage due to natural causes, e.g., flooding


Under the terms of the warranty, consumable parts for welding torches, wire feed unit drive rolls and guide tubes, work return cables and clamps, electrode holders, connection and extension cables, mains and control leads, plugs, wheels, coolant, etc. are not covered under the scope of the warranty.

AES Industrial Supplies Ltd shall in no event be responsible for any third party expenses or expenses / costs or any indirect or consequential expenses/costs.

​AES Industrial Supplies Ltd will submit an invoice for any repair work performed outside the scope of the warranty.

A quotation for any non warranty will be raised prior to any repairs being carried out.

​The decision about repair or replacement of the defective part(s) is made by AES Industrial Supplies Ltd. The replaced part(s) remain(s) the property of AES Industrial Supplies Ltd.

Warranty extends only to the machine, its accessories and parts contained inside. No other warranty is expressed or implied. No warranty is expressed or implied in regards to the fitness of the product for any particular application or use.​

AES Industrial Supplies Ltd reserve the right to contact users who have registered for extended warranty from time to time in the form of new product launches etc. Users reserve the right to unsubscribe at any time from any email communication.

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