MW TIG Quick-Start

MW TIG Quick-Start

With the MW TIG Quick-Start function, sheet tacking may be decreased. A sequence of customizable duration pulses stimulates molten material movement between the two edges to speed up the connection. This feature is especially useful for seams with small holes or uneven preparation.

The electric arc shape is continually changing from broad to narrow due to the alternating of high and low current pulses. The molten material moves in such a way that the two molten edges come into touch quickly, thanks to the arc geometry. Depending on the thickness and form of the pulses, the duration of the series may be modified (from 0.1 to 60 seconds).

MW TIG Quick-Start Application

When used for tacking, the MW TIG Quick-Start results include a speedier start to the welding process and the ability to generate highly clean patches without any oxidation streaks.

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