Eco-Weld Technology


Saving energy is one of the most essential ways to combine environmental and economic goals.

The all-new MasterWeld Pulse and Synergic ranges incorporate Eco-Weld technology. This offers market-leading energy savings and improved power efficiencies in accord with mains power supply limits set by EN61000-3-12 standards, resulting in significant savings in running costs and environmental benefits.

Eco-Weld technology reduces energy consumption by up to 35% resulting in considerable cost savings when compared with conventional transformer step voltage MIG welders.

MasterWeld Eco-Weld Technology

Eco-Weld incorporates Smart-Cool Intelligent Fan Technology, the machine's fan is powered independently, automatically switching on and off when required.

Eco-Weld extends life expectancy of the fan and pump motor by up to seven times!

Another environmental benefit of Eco-Weld is reduced noise pollution by shutting off certain components when not in use, thus improving working conditions.

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