Eco-Weld Technology - Making Welding Equipment Environmentally Friendly.


Energy efficient welding equipment is the most essential way to achieve your combined environmental and economic goals.

What is Eco-Weld Technology, and why do I need it?

The all-new MasterWeld M-Power, Synergic and Pulse Expert ranges incorporate Eco-Weld technology. This offers market-leading energy savings in accordance with Eco Design (EU) 2019/1784 and the current UK Government regulations designed to improve the complete sustainability of the product, processes and most importantly the Power Efficiency.

Eco-Weld Technology means full Compliance with Eco Design 2019/1784, including energy efficiency requirements applying from January 1st, 2023.

How do we achieve such energy efficiencies and product longevity in MasterWeld Equipment?

This all-new range of MasterWeld inverter power sources are manufactured using market leading High Speed IGBT’s and Output Diode Semiconductors housed in Heatsink Mounted Module Packs, these are very robust and makes for a much longer product life compared to the standard smaller paralleled PCB mounted versions used on many Inverter based Welding Machines. The MasterWeld Inverter design uses the Power IGBT’s running at a Very High Frequency in a Full Bridge Format which adds to energy saving features compared to the widely used standard Design Topology.

MasterWeld Eco-Weld Technology

Eco-Weld incorporates Smart-Cool Intelligent Fan and Water Cooler on demand Technology, resulting in a life expectancy of the fan and pump motor by up to seven times!

Eco-Weld means reduced noise pollution by shutting off certain components when not in use, thus improving working conditions.

MasterWeld M-Power, Synergic and Pulse-Expert incorporate the latest technology on the Mains Input which allows for an Efficient, Better Overall Power Factor and protection in the event of poor Unstable Power Input Supplies.

With Micro Processor, Full Digital Control of the welding outputs, including full Synergic and Pulse features, ensure the welding machine supplies a better-quality welding arc, with less spattering, very repeatable welds unaffected by Mains Voltage Fluctuation, thus ensuring less rework time and overall cost savings.

All this adds up a very sustainable overall package with complete ECO Design philosophy used throughout the conception and manufacturing of the MasterWeld Welding Equipment.

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