Consistent penetration and weld quality in demanding conditions

MW-Stable welding function is designed to keep welding current stable regardless of the changes in stick-out length in manual MIG/MAG welding. This results in considerable improvements in weld quality due to consistent penetration.

In standard MIG/MAG manual welding the power to the weld pool is varying as the welder or weld piece naturally changes the distance between the welded joint and welding gun nozzle. These variations can result in quality issues such as lack of fusion, incomplete or inconsistent penetration, changes in weld profile and of course welding spatter.

MW-Stable is the solution to these weld quality issues and reduces the need for post-grinding and repair work. The function prevents the current from dropping by actively adjusting wire feed speed accordingly. This helps to keep the weld mechanical properties on a desired level and prevents welding defects. The user sets the preferred current level, and with the introduction of MW-Stable, this does not drop below the set level when stick-out length increases.

MW-Stable is available on all Synergic and Pulse-Expert models.

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