MW Cold-Weld

The use of a high-speed inverter power unit allows for reduced heat input due to digital control of droplet transfer in short-circuit welding. By eliminating discoloration and distortion, the flat, smooth weld surface and practically spatter-free process almost eliminate the need for re-finishing of the weld

When brazing, excellent wetting of surfaces is achieved. Optimal process performance setup, as well as a steady and reliable welding process thanks to the high-speed inverter power unit, welding may be done even with long inter-connection cables without the requirement for additional voltage arc correction.

MW Cold-Weld is far superior to standard short-arc welding especially with galvanised sheet metals, along with spatter almost eliminated, thus enhancing corrosion resistance around the heat-affected zone.

MW Cold-Weld is a cold droplet transfer short arc welding method that has been enhanced providing a distinctive weld quality and is for both robotic, cobot and manual applications.

Current Behaviour

Current Behaviour

Why is MW Cold-Weld so effective?

When the wire reaches the shortcut, a ball develops on the tip of the wire, and the current rises for a short cycle. The amperage is lowered in a regulated manner to improve the pinch effect, followed by 'cold' droplet transfer and arc re-ignition.

Drop Behaviour

Drop Behaviour

Gap Bridging

Even with large gaps, the cold droplet transfer ensures extreme arc stability, thus enhanced capabilities. The result is a weld puddle with high weld integrity and a perfectly smooth finish.

Gap Bridging

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