MW Pipe-Weld

MW Pipe-Weld

It enables for in-depth penetration by using an intelligent arc for the first welding connection. Reduced finishing effort due to a flat, smooth weld surface and almost spatter-free procedure.

Root Welding, Pipe Seam, Tube and Tank Welding, End-to-End Welding, Robotic and Manual Welding are among the applications. MW Pipe-Weld is an economic alterative to TIG welding and stainless steel and thin materials are utilised.

As a result of the reduced heat input, the welded material does not release.

Pipe Welds/V-Groove

Even in limited situations, the optimised short arc cycle ensures a high arc pressure. The root pass quality will be guaranteed whether welding vertically down or from above. When compared to vertical up welding, root pass has up to four times the welding speed and is generally better than TIG and MMA.

Pipe Welds-V-Groove

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