MW TIG Quick-Spot

MW TIG Quick-Spot Steps

The new MW TIG Quick-Spot feature simplifies the spot-welding technique. It provides for exact positioning of the electrode in the joining point (at the shortest distance achievable); the electrode is easily placed on the fixing point, allowing the operator to manage the entire cycle properly. The equipment generates a welding current pulse with a present time once the electrode is raised. This implies that the sheet metal edges are bonded with the least amount of heat transmission possible. Contamination of the joint and electrode is considerably reduced.

0.6mm Butt Weld
MW TIG Quick-Spot Butt Weld

5/4 x 2mm Pipe Weld Application
MW TIG Quick-Spot Pipe Weld
0.6mm Filet Weld
MW TIG Quick-Spot Fillet Weld

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