MW TIG Mix AC/DC for Aluminium


This function allows you to control the welding current by switching between a TIG AC and a TIG DC half-period. This means that AC TIG welding's efficiency may be combined with DC TIG welding's high penetration to accomplish fast welding rates and quickly form a weld puddle on a cold work piece.

Because the DC part is much greater than when utilising a purely AC waveform, it is also possible to weld larger gauges with lesser amperage. The proportion of AC waveform relative to DC waveform over the entire period, which may be changed from 10% to 80%, is an operator changeable parameter.

MW TIG Mix AC/DC Half-Period AC

The pickling of the weld puddle occurs during the TIG AC half-period.

MW TIG Mix AC/DC Half-Period DC

The work piece has a lot of penetration during the TIG DC half period.


When utilising an entirely AC source, weld heavy gauge sheets with less current than is required. Due to the large proportion of DC - current present in the time, the execution is quick. The weld puddle is created swiftly (excellent for facing tools, dies, and heavy gauge castings) and welding sheets of varying thicknesses (1 mm to 10 mm).

It’s best not to exceed the value of 50% DC-wave shape, as this will affect the pickling of the component and the look of the weld bead.

MW TIG Mix AC/DC Applications

Welding of different thickness sheets - by concentrating the energy provided to the work piece, the fusion bath may be controlled, and different thicknesses can be joined.

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