MW TIG Dynamic-Arc

When the arc voltage lowers, the MW TIG Dynamic-Arc function permits the welding current to rise, and vice versa (when the arc voltage increases, the power source reduces the welding current).

Per each change of 1 Volt, whether positive or negative, the dynamic arc value may be modified from a minimum of 1 amp to a maximum of 50 Amps.

The value should be determined based on the thickness of the base material and the type of processing required (recommended values range from 1A to 20A for thin gauges and 20A to 50A for heavier gauges). As a result, energy absorption stays constant regardless of arc length fluctuations.

TIG DC Standard/Welding

When the arc length varies, the melting pool (D) widens, resulting in an increase in heat output on the base material, which is overheated.

MW TIG Dynamic-Arc TIG DC Welding

When the arc length varies, the melting pool maintains the same width (D), preventing overheating, plastic deformation, and loss of mechanical properties in the base material.

MW TIG Dynamic-Arc Effects

Welding with incredibly short arcs is possible using the MW TIG Dynamic-Arc feature. The current increase prevents contact by moving the welding pool when the electrode is especially close to the base material preventing the electrode from clinging to the substance and the deposit from containing tungsten particles.

MW TIG Dynamic-Arc Application

Continuous fillet weld using TIG DC and no extra material

MW TIG Dynamic-Arc Application

MW TIG Dynamic-Arc TIG DC continuous fillet weld without extra material

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