MW7500 Wall Mounted Welding Fume Extraction Unit with 4 Metre Arm

Why Buy MasterFlex Welding Fume Extraction Arms?

The new MasterFlex series, thanks to the materials used and design innovation, provides the operator with high manoeuvrability and stability, guaranteed by a system of Belleville washers which supports the fume extraction arm.

The internal load bearing structure is manufactured with reinforced steel tubing and 6061 aluminium components CNC machined from single blocks to achieve T6 properties, then anodised to guarantee durability over time, despite continuous exposure to fumes.

The flexible cover hose is a multilayer PVC to guarantee protection from any sparks and resistance to high temperatures (max 140 °C).

The extraction hood, with high uptake for maximum efficiency of extraction, includes a manual damper to regulate airflow, anti-intrusion grille protection and handle.

For the MasterFlex Arm installation instructions, please see the "MasterWeld MW7500 MasterFlex Arm User Manual"

For the Extraction Fan installation instructions, please see the "MasterWeld MW7500 Extraction Fan User Manual"

Technical Specifications

  • Airflow at extraction nozzle 850 m3/hr
  • Fan Motor Volt [±10%] 230 M / 230-400 T / 400-690 T
  • IP 55

Extraction Fan Structure

The structure of the fan is made entirely of welded steel plate of suitable thickness and then powder coated

Impeller Design

The impeller used with forward curved blades made of galvanized sheet steel and welded statically and dynamically balanced according to ISO keeping to the minimum noise and vibrations.

Build Quality of Motor

Manufactured in Italy with three-phase asynchronous squirrel-cage, running 400V/50-60 Hz, cash B5, IP55 protection, according to the standards UNELMEC. Installed 2-pole. The assembly is provided on a chair support of the foundation to the common fan. The outputs stated in the performance tables have been dimensioned taking into account the performance of the machine and an additional margin of safety to compensate for any faults in the system.


  • Fitted with a heavy-duty centrifugal 0.75kw 415V industrial extractor fan
  • Easy installation to existing ducting or new
  • MasterFlex heavy-duty 4 metre self-supported extraction arm with swivel joint
  • Highly efficient extraction hood with damper to regulate airflow, anti-intrusion grille protection and handle

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