MasterWeld 204TDV Dynamic DC TIG 110/230V Dual Voltage

The MasterWeld 204T presents the most technologically advanced digital TIG welding inverter currently on the market giving the welder more precise control than ever before on DC welding applications.

Boasting 200 amps capacity from its robust but lightweight case the machine is also dual voltage (will automatically detect any 110v or 240v supply) making it ideal for any site welding applications.

Advanced TIG Welding Features

  • 200 amps capacity from single phase supply
  • Dynamic arc for better penetration and welding speed.
  • Multi-tack function, perfect for thin materials
  • Q-Start, perfect for tacking on thin materials ie stainless steel and nickel alloys
  • High speed pulse control for increased control of penetration and arc stability on thin material
  • HF start with perfect arc starting and re-starting

Safe, Versatile and Power Efficient

  • MasterWeld MTP - The only inverter TIG welder on the market with Total Protection against unstable power supplies, ie older Welder Generators
  • Power Factor Correction, can be used with up to 100 mtrs of extension lead.
  • Dual Voltage (Will practically run from any single phase power supply from 110V upwards)
  • Built-in VRD (Voltage Reduction Device) which automatically reduces the voltage during standby mode, this is an excellent safety feature, especially in damp working conditions.

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