200 AC/DC Air-Cooled TIG Welder 230V

The MasterWeld 200 AC/DC is a professional inverter TIG welder that has long-since gained its reputation in the market for build quality and reliability, only to be expected from a machine manufactured in Europe to EN 60974-1 - EN 60974-3 - EN 60974-10.

Boasting a simple to use yet feature-rich front panel, this inverter TIG welder has excellent arc characteristic on a whole range of materials including Aluminium, Magnesium alloys, Stainless & Carbon steels, nickel alloys and much more!

  • Digital front panel with in-depth control of the TIG welding process
  • Synergic Arc Ignition for optimal arc starting in AC
  • Digitally enhanced AC Waveform offering outstanding welding quality on Aluminium with faster welding speeds, better weld pool control and noise reduction
  • Smooth and very controlled DC welding characteristics with excellent strike and re-strike properties
  • Advanced 2 Touch and 4 Touch remote TIG Torch switching control options
  • Option for Foot Pedal control with MW182

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