Titanium TIG Welding Rods

The MasterWeld range of Titanium TIG welding wires are manufactured according recognised National and International Quality Assurance, including, TUV, BV, DNV, GL, LLOYDS, ISO.

The latest range we now offer of Titanium filler rods is the most comprehensive currently available online, not only in different grades, but the largest choice of diameters from 1.0mm to 3.2mm in straight lengths.

Titanium offers similar strength of steel but is half the weight and offers a amazing corrosion resistance. Grade 1 is the most pure type and can be welded welded with MasterWeld ErTi-2(Grade 2) TIG Welding Rod.

The weldability of Titanium is excellent for most grades but extra care have to be taken for the gas coverage on the weld pool, the weld pool needs to stay protected until it cooled down to at least 470ºC.

Often Titanium is welded in a gas chamber with pure argon gas to make sure that the weld pool gets proper protection. Or we can now offer the new Flow saver TIG spares, which is excellent for the extra gas coverage required for welding Titanium.

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