Magnesium Alloy MW-AZ92A GTAW Welding Wire


  • AWS A 5.19: ER AZ92A
  • EN ISO 17672: Mg001

Suitable to welding the following materials:

Magnesium alloys, 2L124, 2L125, L122. AMS 4484, 4434, 4453, AZ31B, AZ10A, ZK21A, AM100A, AZ61A, AZ63A, AZ80A, AZ81A, AZ91A, AZ92A, AMS 4360, AZ casting alloys to: EK41A, EZ33A, HK31A, HM21A, HM31A, HZ32A, K1A (except AZ61A)

Shielding Gas Required According to EN ISO 14175: Pure Argon

Mechanical Properties

  • Heat Treatment: AS Welded
  • RP0,2(MPa) 95
  • Rm(MPa) 170
  • A5(%) 2
  • Hardness 65 HB

MasterWeld MW-AZ92A is a specialist TIG Welding rod for the welding of most magnesium alloys. Typical applications are for repair of Magnesium castings and broken or worn out parts of different magnesium alloys.

It has a melting point of 1112°F, is a magnesium 92/8 is Mg - 9 Al - 2 Zn welding alloy which finds wide use for fabricating and repair welding of many similar compositions.

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