Magnesium Alloy MW-AZ61A GTAW Welding Wire

MW-AZ61A magnesium GTAW (TIG) welding rod with 6% aluminium for joining with similar AZ61A filler metals, can be either cast to wrought, or wrought alloys to themselves. MW-AZ61A offers good weldability on wrought alloys. As Magnesium rapidly oxidizes when melted, sufficient shielding gas coverage and a tight welding arc is very important. Always clean surfaces and edges adjacent to the weld prior to welding. Conforms to AWS Specification A5.19.

Technical Data

  • Specification AWS A5.19 ERAZ61A
  • Melting Point 600 Deg C
  • Ult Tensile Strength 280 N/mm"
  • Shielding Gas; Pure Argon
  • Current; DC

**Typical Weld Metal Composition

Al (5.8-7.2%) Zn (0.4-1.5%) Mn (0.15% Minimum) Mg = Balance.

  • Magnesium welding alloy for joining AZ61A to similar filler metals and wrought alloys
  • Rigidly controlled manufacturing to conform to AWS A5.19, ER AZ61A
  • Proper shielding is required to avoid oxidation

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