MW70S-6 EnviroMIG Copper Free MIG Welding Wire

MasterWeld SG2 EnviroMIG represents the very latest technology in copper free welding wires for mild steel.

This breakthrough in product development has produced a welding wire with superior welding performance, with less spatter and better feeding due to the removal of copper, but also a reduction welding fumes.

  • Overall reduction of welding fumes
  • Significant reduction of copper in the fume (from around 0.3-0.4mg to less than 0.01mg)
  • No more copper flakes in the drive rolls, liner, contact tip.
  • Superior feedability
  • Less Spatter
  • Excellent re-strike properties
  • Longer tip life, with less wear and reduced arcing in the tip
  • Good resistance to porosity with zinc phosphate primers
  • Enhanced corrosion resistance due to new technology and improved surface quality

Notes on Usage

The flow rate for the shielding gas needs to be approx. 20 - 25 Ltr/min. Maintain a wire stick-out of around 15 - 20 mm.

Instant retrieval of Batch Certificate to BS EN 10204 3.1

All batch certificates for MasterWeld MIG welding wires can now be retrieved instantly via a unique QR code on the packaging of every reel. Simply enter the Lot number to get your certificate.


  • AWS A5.18 ER70S-6
  • ASME SECT II PART C - 2017 SFA-5.18 ER70S-6
  • EN ISO 14341 - A G 42 4 C1/M21 3Si1

Welding Position

All positions.

Shielding gas

CO2 and Argon+ CO2 blend



Diameters and spool sizes available

  • 0.8mm x 15kg D300 Spool
  • 0.9mm x 15kg D300 Spool
  • 1.0mm x 15kg D300 Spool
  • 1.2mm x 15kg D300 Spool

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