MasterWeld 502 AC/DC Water-Cooled TIG Packages

The MasterWeld 502 AC/DC offers a mighty 500 amps of welding current at an impressive duty cycle, high pressure cooling for extended TIG torch life on high-amperage applications, coupled with unrivalled TIG welding technologies making it undoubtedly a class leader in today's market.

Manufactured in Europe to EN 60974-10 Class A this TIG Welder is a reliable workhorse for tough welding environments.

Unique features on AC for welding of Aluminium

  • Synergic arc ignition can be adjusted from the front panel by the calibration of the tungsten electrode’s diameter, give you perfect striking every time on Aluminium.
  • Extra Fusion this unique feature shifts the AC waveform towards the negative with respect to zero. This makes it possible to create a highly penetrative and precise weld pool, so that very light gauge sheets can be welded with an electrode tip comparable to that of DC TIG
  • The all-new AC-DC Mixed waveform combines the power of AC with the high penetration of DC negative, the result is the rapid forming of a weld pool on thicker aluminium plate combined with considerably faster welding speeds. It is also possible to weld thicker aluminium material with lower amperage compared to standard AC.

Unique features on DC for the most demanding of TIG welding applications

  • Advanced pulse control up to 2,5 Khz offering unrivalled stability on low amperage applications.
  • Synergic pulse feature - lets the machine choose the best pulse setting for your selected amperage.
  • Dynamic Arc control function which ensures enhanced welding penetration, a better stability of the arc, as well as guaranteed protection from tungsten inclusion in the base material.
  • Q-Start a unique feature that makes tacking easier than ever before.
  • Multi-Tack allows to minimize the heat output during the welding process and reduces the base material’s oxidation. This function permits often to avoid the post welding acid-treatments.
  • Q-Spot offers a perfectly precise tacking operation for sheet metal, with minimum heat output and considerable reduce destortion. It allows the positioning of the electrode on the exact tacking spot.
  • 50 programs can be loaded and saved in memory.

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