MasterWeld Gouging Rods

Masterweld gouging rods are specially designed for cutting, gouging and piercing operations on all metals without the use of air or oxygen. Easy to use with little skill required. Operates at lower current and produces less fume than would normally be expected from gouging rods of this type. Metal surfaces are seared by the force of the arc leaving them clean and ready for subsequent welding operations. Smooth and even grooves are easily produced. Applications include, grooving, cutting, gouging and piercing operations on all metals including those which would normally present difficulties by machining. These include hardening steels, armour plate, hard weld overlays, cast iron and stainless steels. The rods are ideal for back gouging of butt welded seams and almost indispensable for the preparation of cast irons prior to welding repair.

Related Specification: None Applicable

Current: AC/DC (+). (AC minimum 70 volts open circuit).

Sizes Available and Recommended Amperages:

  • 2.5mm for 100-150 amps
  • 3.2mm for 150-250 amps
  • 4.0mm for 250-300 amps
  • 5.0mm for 300-450 amps
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