Masterweld 203T DC TIG

Masterweld 203T is a powerful 415V Three Phase Inverter for HF TIG DC and MMA welding with complete set of unique functions and excellent arc characteristics. Its reliable industrial construction is suitable for workshop use, on site and outdoor operations.

  • Microprocessor controls real time welding parameters
  • User friendly digital interface
  • 50 Program memory
  • Dynamic arc for better penetration and welding speed.
  • Multi-tack function, perfect for thin materials
  • Q-Start, perfect for tacking on thin materials ie stainless steel and nickel alloys
  • Slow Pulse TIG DC for thin plate and welding with TIG rod
  • Fast Pulse TIG DC: focused arc, thiner welding material and lower deformations
  • Range of remote controls available
  • Adjustable Hot Start and Arc Force and automatic Anti Sticking facilitate operations with up to 3.25mm diameter electrodes in MMA welding.
  • Cooling Unit available

AIR COOLED PACKAGE INCLUDES; - Power Source - TIG Torch with Remote control - Argon Regulator - Earth Cable & Clamp

WATER COOLED PACKAGE INCLUDES; - Power Source - Modular Watercooler - Water cooled TIG Torch with/without Remote control - Argon Regulator - Earth Cable & Clamp

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